Letbæk Plast has the newest technology and modern production facilities available. We can solve practically any challenge in plastic manufacturing from extrusion to injection- and high-pressure die-casting to foil blowing. We have our own form workshop so that all tasks can be solved in our own workshop.


Letbæk Plast has a large range of different extruders and can offer almost all kinds of extrusion. We produce many different types of materials, both new and recycled goods depending on customer requirements and specifications. We offer processing as milling, drilling and co-extrusion as a natural part of the solutions to our customers' needs.

Our core capabilities in extrusion are: Cylinders, tubes, profiles, sheet and cable protection.


Letbæk Plast offers injection moulding of technical articles. We differentiate ourselves on the ability to participate in solving problems, developing products and advisory on product designs. Our knowhow and longstanding experience is our customers’ guarantee for the optimal solution. We offer comprehensive service and production under one roof. From toolmaking in our own shop, through production, to stock – depending on customer needs. Products injected moulded between 0 – 3.000 grams on advanced machinery with clamping force between 50T & 800T.

We injection mould e.g. these types of material: PEHD, PELD, PP, ABS, PS, PC, POM, TPE, TPU, PA, a.o.


Letbæk Plast has developed unmatched expertise in pressure molding of recycled plastic. The method has been developed and refined during the past 25 years, where Letbæk Plast has constructed both machinery and tools. The product used in diverse industries, e.g. VA and the construction industry. Our most known products are feet for traffic safety, cones and covers, which are used everywhere in Europe.

The material used is primarily recycled plastics, an area where Letbæk Plast has decades of knowhow within mixing various types of plastics, so the capabilities are optimized and environmental impact is minimized.


Letbæk Plastics is a supplier of both tube film, plan foil, hand-cut film, bags and sacks. We produce mainly in polyethylene. (PE, PELD, PELLD).

Our machinery in the foil department consists of extruders where we can produce tubular films from 100 mm up to 1400 mm in width - and 2,800 mm at the side-cut foil. Furthermore, we possess bottom weld and side welder, so we can weld bags from 100 mm in width to 1,400 mm without folds and obviously wider with folds.


Letbæk Plast has our own tool workshop as well as designers and product developers to ensure that the dies are made so they can be delivered in the required output with competitive pricing per subject.